tales of love, sobriety, growth… and everything in between


Welcome to my diary in real time. I am a highly sensitive, over loving, over thinking girl from Connecticut. I’m currently living alcohol free, and am loving every minute of it. Much of my writing is indirectly/directly related to that, however, if you’re not on the sober path it will still resonate with you, so don’t leave yet!

What my writing focuses on (today, anyways):

  1. Sober Mom Life
  2. Self-Growth
  3. Growing up/Coming of age
  4. Moving on/Letting go
  5. Love/Young Love
  6. Postpartum
  7. Women in Business
  8. Yoga & Pilates
  9. Readings for Yoga/Savasana (if that’s your thing!)

I wanted a place to share my stories, poems, and ideas in a somewhat organized fashion, so here we are! If you are looking for mommy-blog type posts about organizing your house or cooking though, you are in the wrong place because I am not your girl. I am an unorganized creative virgo who also loves to be in control.

I own a Yoga/Pilates studio and have done that for about 6 years now. My writing “office” is a peaceful little house on the lake where I reside with my husband, daughter, and our two rescue pups.

Thank you for being here!