My life, in my words…

Mirrored Perspective

She took a deep breath and paused
With fresh eyes, she peered at a younger version of herself
She saw less wrinkles, brighter skin, and shinier hair
But that wasn’t what stood out to her
She saw something far more interesting
She saw someone full of optimism, love, and wonder
Someone who was excited to see how life would unfold
Not long ago, viewing this would have made her bitter
But today she felt a peculiar wave of peace come over her 
Her heart wasn’t beating out of her chest
She didn’t feel like bursting into tears
She felt this incredible calm. Like everything was finally at the point where it was neither exciting nor boring, but just right. 
She saw mistakes she’d made along the way as gifts in the form of guides
And although her spirit changed as the currents of life shifted, it was never broken
She still felt full of optimism, love, and wonder
But now that was accompanied by little drops of wisdom she had gathered along the way
She was grateful for everywhere she had been, even when it wasn’t where she wanted to be
So she shook hands with this younger version of herself, stopped starring into the past
Stopped pondering every other possible outcome 
And let life unfold, just as it should
Here and now- in this present moment, Today

-Phoenix Matarazzo, 2019

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