Your story touched many people even those who have not responded. The images of beautiful lives on social media platforms are just that — images. There are real problems and pain behind those images in some past or present time because life can be painful and no one is immune. I have been reminded and shown this lesson over and over. The reality no longer surprises me. The painful truths in my life started emerging when I was fairly young — age 13. Depression, isolation, abuse — an ugly list, but the truth revealed freedom and beauty of who I really was and am. I knew I would not on survive but thrive and flourish. But first, the hard lessons. Have faith (mine was and is in evet-loving God), articulate your purpose, build support in layers. When I was in therapy, I was asked to talk about my friends, family, and what a typical week was like. I didn’t think that had anything to do with my crippling trauma over my son’s car accident, but I was wrong. The more layers of support I had, the better my chances of recovering because of the connections, because I wasn’t isolated, because these people cared about me. Interrogating dark places requires a belief in your essential strength and purpose and knowledge that you are worthy of peace. It may require therapy and pharmaceuticals; so be it. There’s no bravery in powering through it without help; there’s no answer in listing the reasons you should feel glorious. There is only you. Beautiful Gina tells us set Nam; truth is my name. I wish for you truth in revelation and a life lived in response to an abundance of sacred love / mv