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Noon with Nova… part 2

Messages from a Jewish Grandmother to her Granddaughter

This week, the question was: if you could teach Charlotte about only one Jewish value, which would it be and why?

Kavod – respect

Jewish values are human values. Respect is where I would start.

I have used this word so many times on a daily basis- with others and with self talk.

Now Charlotte; this is not to say I have always been respectful. Sometimes it is hard and darn near impossible to respect everyone who crosses your path on your long journey. In this case I suggest avoiding them.

Some people will need to earn your respect. Others will have it unconditionally, because you can feel their equal respect for you.

You will find it troubling to your psyche to surround yourself with disrespectful people and situations. Call this people and acts out, and move on.

In my house we practice respect for all living things and ideas that bring a sense of making the world a better place for all.

Your uncle Luke can tell you about how I always told him to “respect the game.” I suggest asking him what that means. It was in reference to his basketball career.

Respect yourself. This is the most important layer of respect. Do not engage in careless or harmful acts.

Respect all life. I say this twice on purpose.

Use respectful language. It starts with please, thank you, you’re welcome and I appreciate you. Respect those who are doing an act of service for you.

Be a waitress. Learn from this experience. It will serve you well.

Relationships in your life will change. Some may become hurtful or harmful. Take from them the respect for lessons learned.

Do not confuse respect for others, like teachers, family, or future lovers with fear. If it feels wrong to respect someone, tell someone and immediately remove yourself from the situation.

I could continue for hours about this core Jewish value, but it is noon with nova, not 24 hours with nova.

Respect has allowed me to embrace the many people and beliefs I have encountered and the intrinsic goodness of others. You will learn from all who cross your path. From some what you want to be like, and from others, what you don’t want to be like. Respect the ability to decipher the difference.

I respect you my bunchkie, and that will never change.

From my heart with love,


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