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It Does Not Get Better, But You Do

Know you aren’t wrong. Know that the only closure you need is your own forgiveness for allowing yourself to stay as long as you did. Know that it does not get better. You read that right – it does not get better – but you do. You get better. It is your story, part of you and that does not change. How you react can change. How you love again, how much you tolerate, how you allow someone to treat you right from the beginning. That changes. And there is so much light on the other side.

I Could Have Tried Harder, But Perhaps I Wasn’t Meant To…

I looked in the mirror and reflected back on moments of my life. I said to myself, “you know Phoenix, you really could have tried harder at that.” And the truth is I absolutely could have, but perhaps I wasn’t meant to. I could have tried harder, but perhaps I wasn’t meant to. So today as we practice, give yourself permission to find the balance between effort and ease. Let go of ego and allow yourself to explore what that place of balance feels like.

Your Old House

Kicked in the door to your old house And invited yourself to tea A new occupant sitting blissfully In the nook you always passed by Breaking…